Jim Gray’s Petrified Wood Company in Holbrook, Arizona

A monument to petrified wood allthough they have plenty of other material. That stock is not too focused on Arizona rocks and gems. A must stop in Holbrook which is in Navajo County. With all pet wood, test for “UV” and “U” if you can. Here’s what I write in  my travel list:

Jim Gray’s Petrified Wood Company

147 Highway 180
Holbrook, AZ 86025

34°53.433′ N 110°09.581′ W


Self-billed as the largest rock shop in the world, this store may qualify as such. Located on the way to the Petrified Forest National Park, the outside rock yard contains tons of petrified wood, a veritable forest of its own. Inside, polished pieces present themselves in all forms, from table tops to book ends.

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The Rainbow Rock Shop in Holbrook, Arizona

This shop was closed when I visited in spring. I took a few pictures and rolled on. Apologies for not adding it to my travel list. A must stop. Call ahead to make sure they are open. Holbrook is in Navajo County, close to the Petrified Forest National Park.

Rainbow Rock Shop (Indian Rock Shop)
101 Navajo Blvd
Holbrook, Arizona 86025

34°54.080′ N 110°09.528′

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Multiple dinosaur statutes out front. Do you need any more encouragement?

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The Estate Rock Yard of Ed Rupprecht in East Las Vegas

Rupprecht Estate Rock
Care of Jason Fabbi G.G.
East Las Vegas, NV

Appointment only.


Small rock yard representing more than sixty years of collecting in the Southwest by Ed Rupprecht and his wife. Mostly rocks that take a cut and polish, little in collectible minerals. Mostly rough, some slabs. Please bring cash in small bills. Rocks in general are two dollars a pound, slabs more, some things different. Ask Jason for particulars.

Bring your UV lamps, there is a barn like structure on this property with good darkness. I got plenty of pretty lime/green pieces in quartz like rocks, no red or unusual colors. It was not a calcite fest, either, which was good. And I only had a SW lamp, so your luck will be better if your portable lamp has all three wavelengths. Pet wood, opalized wood, a septarian nodule or two, rhyolite, and on and on. Well worth looking at if you are in Las Vegas.

Contact Fabbi to see if the yard is open. Jason is an extremely talented jeweler with a long history of collecting and finishing stones. He is very active in the local club, the SNGMS and does much custom work. He made a handsome bolo tie for me out of gold in quartz that I found.

Visible light

Handheld iPhone photo in SW just to give you an idea. 18 watt Way Too Cool lamp.

Picture of the rock yard.

One more picture.

And a video.

Estate rock yard of the late Ed Rupprecht in East Las Vegas from Thomas Farley on Vimeo.

A great man.