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June 1, 2023

These links are active. They are all in .pdf:

Arizona / New Mexico / Nevada /

Southern California  / Northern California

Colorado (Just some of Colorado)

Utah (Just some of Utah)

The entire book:

All states — 58 megs — uncompressed

All states — 38 megs — reduced

These chapters are an outgrowth of a larger manuscript I wrote under contract for the largest guidebook publisher in the United State. After I submitted my MS they failed me.

I wanted to work with a traditional publisher so that layout and design would be professional. But I can’t work with duplicitous and manipulative people to produce my writing.

The formatting in these files is absolutely lousy and I apologize.  I can’t afford the time to learn InDesign. I have tried many times.

Many more places to visit or collect are featured at this website and I invite you to explore its pages.

I wish you good health. Thomas

Places to Visit and Collect in the Southwest. (And beyond!)

Version 11,  November 26, 2019 Old files below:

.pdf (Printing and desktop work)

1 meg file, no maps:


3 meg file, with state maps showing counties — Yay!






.mobi (Kindle format for mobile devices)

Version 11, November 25, 2022

SW Places To Visit Or Collect 11 - Tom Farley