Where to Find Agates in The Mojave

Where to Find Agates in the Mojave

There are a few locations for agates, best described by in the book called Rockhound Barstow. This title is current and invaluable, the best guide for rockhounding on the desert. Tough roads into the Calico Hills and the Cady Mountains.

It’s available at Amazon in a Kindle version. I would prefer you to get it in hardcopy, which may be available at Mining Suppies and Rock Shop in Hesperia, California. Here’s a link to try for that:


November 16, 2020 in the Resting Springs Wilderness Area

November 16, 2020 in the Resting Springs Wilderness Area

More Recently Along CA HWY 178

More Recently Along CA HWY 178

November 12, 2020

My First Article for The Mining Journal

My First Article for the Mining Journal

I could not have completed this article under a three day deadline without the assistance of my good friend Linda Dodge. She transcribed my interviews and did all of the editing since I could not look at a display long enough to do so. I will have photos not in the article at some point:

“The gold bug was biting hard recently near Randsburg, California, as Public Lands for the People (PLP) held their first Oktoberfest in five years. Forty prospectors lucky enough to sign up early spent a weekend looking for gold and talking about gold. And there is nothing better than doing both.”

Read the entire article for fee at ICMJ’s website:


I’ve asked the Journal to donate my writer’s fee to the PLP.

Back to Those Copper Prospects in the Striped Hills

Note: My eyes are still bothering me, I cannot write more than a few paragraphs on a screen

Back to Those Copper Prospects in the Striped Hills

The Baxter Mine, Inyo County

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The Baxter Mine, Inyo County

My eyes are good enough to cut and paste links if I wear my sunglasses at the screen:


Excellent tour of the the Baxter Mine on YouTube. Comes complete with the requisite twangy banjo music that is on every prospecting or Old West adventure video..

Vision Update

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October 19, 2020

Displays and TV continue to put intense pressure on my eyes. I was seen this morning by an ophthalmologist who says I have an infection in my right eye. He’s prescribed antibiotics and a follow on appointment for two weeks from now.

Until the infection is no more, he cannot do a comprehensive examination. With luck he will be able to do that exam in two weeks to tell if the infection was or is the problem, or perhaps an old eyeglass prescription causing strain or perhaps, indeed, too much computer time.

Sunshine Gallery and Gifts Reopens!

Sunshine Gallery and Gifts Reopens!

October 15, 2020

Rolf and Mary’s store is half-way between Tucson and Tombstone. You won’t find a more authoritative mineral dealer anywhere than Rolf Luetcke. Check Mindat. You’ll see. And ask him about catching rattlesnakes. Full article here:


Hello, Tom

Made this sign today to hang on our gate so people can call to come visit the shop.

I’m asking for people to put on masks since Mary and I are both high-risk.

We shall see how things go and tomorrow when I hang this sign on the front and closed gate.   If anyone drives to the gate with a mobile phone, I can go and open in only about half a minute. Not a problem.

We will see how this works.

Just thought I let you know we are trying to get back to some semblance of normal. Rolf Luetcke

Wishing You The Best

Hello to all my readers. I am having a great deal of difficulty using any computer display or monitor I’m dictating this text right now this will be the last post I write until I can get my eyes fixed I cannot look at the screen without being very uncomfortable I’m looking away from the monitor right now I am still going out into the field and you can follow me on Instagram at TG Farley at Instagram but I will not have any descriptions or write any hashtags in those posts instead you’re going to hear audio it’s easy for me to record a video and then press send that’s all I’m capable of doing right now I wish you all luck and I hope you keep exploring and prospecting and finding things Wherever You Are