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Carnotite Musings


Dear Mr. Farley; notice that carnotite does not dissolve in water. Uranium 238 decays into thorium 234, whose compounds do dissolve in water. In many deposits, especially carnotite sand, this thorium leaches out of the carnotite. Thorium 234 decays in 24.1 days in a four step process into uranium 234. This uranium, once away from the vanadate complex, will stay dissolved in water as long as there is oxygen in the water. If the water goes into an anoxic condition such as a marsh or a bog, the uranium condenses out into uraninite, a refractory substance that resists mechanical or chemical attack, thus forming a deposit. Uranium 234 is a nuclear explosive. If you know where any of this material is located, call the sheriff of the county it’s in and have him lock it down. Have him contact the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Tell them that “Project Zeus”, named after the Nike missile interceptor, sent you. I have already contacted the NRC, the FBI, sheriffs and park rangers, and anybody who I think can help. You will not get in trouble. I will. Thank you for your cooperation. I have not been jailed and don’t expect to be. Do not let terrorists blow up a city with this. I regret to report that all the information I have gathered is on the open internet for anybody to find.

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