BLM Replacing LR2000 — Thank God!

BLM has introduced their new new mining management system for public lands, replacing the command line interface of the old LR2000 with a zoomable map. Yay!

This is what they say:

“The Bureau of Land Management has been working to modernize and transform the land and minerals management experience for its customers. As a result, the BLM is excited to introduce the Mineral and Land Records System, or MLRS. This free, secure, and user-friendly online platform will enhance tracking of land and mineral resource decisions, records, and cases involving these resources on BLM-managed public lands. MLRS will improve data quality, increase transparency, and create a better experience for BLM’s customers.”

And this is what I say:

Thanks. I particularly like how the MLRS shows yearly claims in what looks like their approximate positions in each section. When LR2000 came out I was hoping that it would show me the documents inside present and past mining claim folders, saving me a trip to BLM Headquarters on Cottage Way in Sacramento. Alas, no. Twenty years on, it still looks like I can’t do that online. No look at annual assessment work, no look at a miner’s maps, no clue as to what, for example, the mineral a miner was staking for. This map actually looks like a refinement of what the shoe-string and non-profit has been doing for years. As well as the Diggings. Here’s hoping that with your budget and resources you can, in less than twenty more years, provde us miners with all the public record information you have. Thanks.

Mineral and Land Records System from Bureau of Land Management on Vimeo.

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