Nick Zentner is Very Good!

I’m learning a great deal from Nick Zentner.

Using only four chalkboards and a handheld white board, Zentner conveys the basics of geology in a warm and easy to understand manner.

No Death by Powerpoint here.

His method would be a great approach to live streaming.

I Ran Today!!!

I ran today! First run since I injured myself in March. 9:33 for one mile.

I’m still under medication and awaiting a massive steroid injection but this is really positive. I may have hiked my way out of this. And to think, the physical therapists gave up on me after only two sessions.

Next goal will be to get back to under 30 for a 5K. I’ll be 63 then but I can do it!

A Very Nice Letter

Hello Mr. Farley,

You don’t know me, but I stumbled across your rockhounding blog a couple of years ago and have learned so much about the hobby from your writings. I’m in my mid-50s and am experienced enough in life to know that the more one learns, the more he realizes he doesn’t know. It truly is never ending. You know so much more about the subject that I ever will, and you are blessed to live in a part of the country that I dearly love and hope to move to someday. Way back when, I heard a saying that boils down to ‘Someone somewhere dreams about the things you take for granted’. There is nothing I would enjoy more than hiking and exploring the desert southwest every day, so in a way you are ‘living the dream’ and I’m envious as hell.

I have had family members who struggled with severe mental illness, and am sorry to read that you must endure that in addition to the difficulties posed by the aging process.

Please know that this reader (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) is pulling for you and wish you many more years of doing what you so obviously enjoy. Thanks again for your educational and informative site, It is greatly appreciated.

All the best and Happy New Year,

A Reader