Bird Break!

Bird Break!

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Hi Tom,

Nice photos. It looks like you have a mix of House Sparrows and House Finches (see attached photo). The sparrows are not native, but are well established in North America. We have lots of House Finches at our feeds, but only a few House Sparrows. Male House Finches get red (or rarely yellow) on the head and breast, but these guys are too young to have much color.

Take care, Jim

Jim Boone, Ph.D., is a professional ecologist who, among many other things, runs It is the best guide to the natural world of Southern Nevada and much of Southern California. Jim has been instrumental in helping save Gold Butte National Monument and is a tireless advocate for conservancy.

Jim and I have a good relation but I didn’t expect him to tag the photo I sent him. I am not a birder but I love birds. You can tell by the photo how much experience you have to have to read birds. The photos below are low-res.

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