Gold in Quartz Jewelry Designed by Jason Fabbi

Here’s a video of the gold in quartz jewelry I wore in Quartzsite last week. Many people asked about it. I hope the video helps explains things, however, catching the glint from the gold was impossible, it shows up rarely due to the glare of any and all lighting. See the still photos instead. There are some nice catches at the 5:50 mark. Pause the video when you catch a bit of light. Yes, it’s ridiculous.

To show my exasperation, look at the last still photo. This setup took over an hour to arrange, not counting all the processing time. Another hour or two for that, with posting to Vimeo as well. Glare inside or outside is a nightmare. I am so frustrated with indoor photography.

Despite throwing tons of hours and money at the problem, presentation videos using indoor lighting has failed, my macrophotography has failed, and my fluorescent mineral photography has failed. This newest problem is rather unique, insufferable glare produced despite no direct lighting. I used a side light and natural light from windows and yet I can’t get what I want. Somehow, I need enough direct light to reveal glinting, yet not enough light to overpower the material. Back to the subject at hand.

This depicts my gold in quartz jewelry made by Jason Fabbi of JHFstones. Fabbi is a Graduate Gemologist, GIA. He’s based in Las Vegas, Nevada but travels and takes custom orders.

Gold in Quartz Jewelry by Jason Fabbi from Thomas Farley on Vimeo.

My outdoor videos with an iPhone last week turned out well, however, mine can’t handle indoor lighting and can’t adjust to glare either.

Even the full sun through my window barely catches the run of gold that goes over six inches in this slab. And when working in full sun you have to deal with the glare off your monitor or screen. It’s one reason I don’t often fly my drone. Despite every attempt at a shade screen, I can’t focus on the monitor with sun raining in. Outdoor shooting is not always a solution. And trial and error progress takes far, far more time than you want to think about.

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Follow me on Instagram: tgfarley

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