Sat-Fi2 and Spot X

July 1, 2020

These are videos showing what I have learned about Globalstar’s Sat-Fi2 and their Spot X. My Spot X is the legacy version, no longer made, no bluetooth connectivity.

I’m covering these products because myself and many of my fellow outdoor enthusiasts are often beyond cell phone range. I’m looking at Globalstar’s products because that is what I began with. I am unsponsored and cannot afford to test other products.

The Sat-Fi2 is currently priced at $250 for the hardware and $50 a month for unlimited air time. That airtime price is a bargain. The hardware has been somewhat reasonable in the last three years, the air time a confusing and extremely expensive racket.

The Sat-Fi2 delivers solidly on getting a voice connection, right out of the box. That’s the most important thing for a survival tool. Getting the data com part figured out, something that would turn it into a low energy personal and business tool, well, that’s more difficult.

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