Intermountain Health Care

I don’t know why I am still alive

It’s All True

Asked if the Jedi were real, Han Solo haltingly confesses that he once doubted it. “I used to wonder about that myself. Thought it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. A magical power holding together good and evil, the dark side and the light. Crazy thing is—it’s true. The Force. The Jedi. All of it. It’s all true.”

Everything I have written about Intermountain is true. Nobody disputes anything that I have felt or experienced. It’s true. All of it. It’s all true.

Intermountain: The Pain Place

Intermountain Health Care is the worst medical care provider in America.

The worst healthcare group in America. Abhorrent. No one cares, no one listens except to complaints on social media. Then you get a call. Telephone numbers that don’t work, websites that don’t work, no communication between IMHC and their contractors and on and on. Killing peoples’ mental health every day.

March 3, 2023 Update

A man named Marty at Intermountain reached out to me by email a few days ago, asking me to call about my concerns. He spotted a bad Yelp review of Intermountain. I left a polite message with the number given and I sent several emails, none of which has been returned. This makes me extremely angry.

To be clear, none of what I have reported on has been made up. All of what has happened to me is real and no one at Intermountain disputes what I have experienced. It’s just that they are resigned to their system acting like this, there’s nothing to be done, and bottom line, they don’t care enough to change the system.

I didn’t ask for any of the conditions I am suffering from to happen and I did not ask any of the slip ups, the delays, the missed chances to get treated, to happen. It’s true, all of it is true. But who cares?

A Health Care Group that Stigmatizes Mental Health

Intermountain Health Care’s outrageous delays and bizarre methods drive crazy people even crazier. There is absolutely no concern for the mental health damage they do to people every day by making them negotiate a totally broken health care system. No call backs, no follow throughs, no responses. Absolutely maddening.

The Kind of Nightmares they Induce

I don’t blame Intermountain for causing the last thirty years of nightmares that I have suffered but I do blame them for increasing them. This is what I deal with at night, ONE example:

I’m in a hospital corridor and the only woman I ever wanted to marry is lying in a hospital bed, folded in pain. Her husband is in a chair in front of the bed, looking disinterested and looking away. I approach to tell him that I love Keri as much as he does but as I get nearer he walks away. There is nothing I can do to help her and it is obvious he is not helping her. I can only look on at  beautiful Keri with her curly blonde air, lying unconscious, in pain. Misery, misery, everything is misery and without hope.

I Don’t Hear You

Several days ago I started getting a massive amount of junk calls to my phone number. Note to the social media trolls at Intermountain: this won’t work. I have call silencing on my phone which shunts all calls without Caller ID to voicemail. My phone doesn’t even ring. I don’t hear you.

More Polite Comments

[email protected],
[email protected]
date: Mar 1, 2021, 7:31 AM
subject: Better help numbers?
Hello, Tia in Pahrump and others down the line . . .

1. EMAIL: I’m testing customer experience telephone numbers and email addresses that might be better than the ones that go to Las Vegas which are all dead ends. As you remember from that one Friday, I left four messages on the LV line that you gave me the number for and none of them were returned. I only got a call the following Wednesday from an LV team member who was then responding to Twitter, not to my voicemail messages. Sigh.

Here’s a telephone number that goes to SLC:

Office of Patient Experience: 801-442-3005
Contact: Marty T.

I’ve left a message for Marty and we’ll see if he gets back to me. I’ll let you know.

2. EMAIL ADDRESSES: Please see the two email addresses CC’d above and typed out down below. If they work, we’ll hear from someone. It is really too bad that Intermountain does not have a company telephone book or online directory so that all employees can contact each other across the organization.

Crippled Inside

You can shine your shoes and wear a suit
you can comb your hair and look quite cute
you can hide your face behind a smile
one thing you can’t hide
is when you’re crippled inside
you can wear a mask and paint your face
you can call yourself the human race
you can wear a collar and a tie
one thing you can’t hide
is when you’re crippled inside — John Lennon

Thanks, I Guess

I am glad that PrimeMed called to schedule an appointment for me but I can’t celebrate too much. No one should be happy when a project is brought in ten months behind schedule. That’s the length of time between my injury and now.

Instead, with any other company, there would be a serious and lengthy discussion with all those involved to figure out what went wrong and why. No company would want to repeat such a mistake again. I think, though, that Intermountain will never hold such a talk in my case or any other patient’s case. Certainly no one will be singled out and no systemic or structural changes will go on.

What is going on is that communication between contractors and Intermountain remains abhorrent and even communication between employees remains completely broken, no one outside of one facility knows what another facility employee does or is doing. I’ve asked for an org chart many times and no one knows where one is or how to get one. I’d like one to help myself navigate the system but no can help.

I think that what is happening is that everyone hopes I get scheduled up so they can return to their jobs without being bothered. Because that is all I am now, a bother and not a patient. I am simply trying to get my physical health treated while Intermountain completely destroys what is left of my mental health.

The worst thing in my life is complaining but that is what Intermountain is forcing me to do to get results. I absolutely hate the wretch I have turned into and it is absolutely killing, in a literal sense. It is driving me crazy to get people to do their jobs. While I appreciate your efforts, it is clear you are working in a broken system that gives no encouragement to employees or any incentive to be great or exceptional. Most likely those employees would be considered a threat to the system that doesn’t want to spend on improvement. Who knows? No one calls. Tom

March 1, 2023 Update

I just got scheduled for a procedure ten months after my injury happened. Why am I not celebrating? No company would congratulate someone for bringing in a project months behind schedule. Instead, there would be a serious, lengthy discussion on what went wrong and why. Do you think Intermountain will hold any such discussion in my case? Of course not. They don’t care. Instead, they will keep repeating the same thing over and over to one patient after another. After all, there’s no place to complain!

Latest outrage – three weeks to get seen for an ear ache! You can bet no Intermountain employee waits three weeks to get seen. Certainly not their kids. I might as well be in Mexico or in Russia east of the Urals.

Another Crazy and Totally Avoidable Development

After ten months I got an appointment with the pain management group, only to be told they didn’t have an x-ray of my right hand, the thing that is causing me the most pain. I had an x-ray done of that hand but this group didn’t have it. Intermountain or Desert Radiology never sent it. So, another thing to be scheduled that could have been dealt with in one session. This pattern repeats over and over and over again!!

They were able to tell me about the MRI results of my spine but they did not have any image of my hand.They admitted that Intermountain does not communicate with their contractors. This is an old story and nobody cares enough at Intermountain to do squat.

What Intermountain Health Care is doing to me with their poor treatment and service

Just got an email from an Amanda Gold <[email protected]> and Jentry Larsen <[email protected]>at Intermountain in the Las Vegas office saying that my tweets are undermining their team. In point of fact, they are the only thing that gets a phone call from someone higher up. It is with terrible regret that I tell everybody now about my mental health and personal life. This has been forced on me by Intermountain Health Care.

“Undermining you and your team? I am so sorry. Damn you!

I have suffered terrible bouts of violent nightmares since October 26, 1988. No medicine or talk therapy has ever helped and after three decades I am pushing for ECT to get relief.

Guess what brings on more nightmares? Endless and pointless arguing with people over problems I never created or wanted. Just like my nightmares. I didn’t choose to get them. Or to keep them around.

I never tell this to anyone outside my doctors since it makes people uncomfortable and hesitant about what to say to me. I have been looking out for the mental health of people like you and now you force me to reveal my mental health.

I am so sorry for you and your team and being undermined.

I have been utterly silent over my care until now. The first MRI order went out in April of last year. I have the right to do whatever is necessary to get treated. Patience is over. Even though my nightmares are increasing.

All because of people like you who have no idea who they are hurting. My only regret is that you do not have another pleasant three day weekend to enjoy while patients like me suffer waiting for treatment.

Damn you and your team!”

Intermountain Healthcare’s Goofball Approach to Problem Solving

With their websites and messaging hopelessly broken, I suggested to a Haley at the Las Vegas office that the best thing would be to conference in the three or four people responsible for a particular problem. “Not going to happen,” was the reply. Pardon me? Make it happen! What an attitude. I would have never tolerated an employee like that on any of my teams.

This dim bulb can’t take the time to schedule up a phone call but she will let me spend hours over the next few weeks trying to get all these parties talking to each other. And that’s the thing, Intermountain knows that getting hold of their contractors is impossible so they make the patients spend those hours on the phones.

Don’t Fault Me for Calling People Names

And don’t fault me for calling people names — I deeply resent being hurt by Intermountain  and I will hit back everywhere I can. Think this is the wrong approach? You’re wrong.

After giving everyone notice two weeks ago that I was no longer going to be patient, more activity has happened in these two weeks than in the last ten months.

It’s not because I have been in a dark room waiting for the phone to ring, rather, I have been ringing up everybody to badger, badger, badger. The boulder is moving uphill, with dozens of people shamed into doing their jobs.

I told everyone that my patience was gone and I meant it. Deal with it! You’ve got a lot more to come.

The Most Lying Web Page in the World

Just a Few Constructive E-Mails that NEVER Get a Reply

Thomas Farley <[email protected]> Thu, Feb 25, 6:26 PM (2 days ago)
to Quitia

The number for the ENT I got from you proved correct, however, I called two minutes after five and they were already gone. I will call to schedule with them tomorrow.

The PrimeMed or Pain Management group never called back. Their phone line heartily encourages people to leave a message instead of waiting on hold but they have _never_ called me back when I have done so. How can Intermountain use a contractor that does not answer their messages? What we send is time sensitive yet they can take days if ever to respond. How can this possibly be tolerated? This is bad, bad, bad healthcare. Tom

Update — Telephone voice message never returned.

Thomas Farley <[email protected]> Thu, Feb 25, 10:08 PM (2 days ago)
to Quitia

To make clearer, a patient can’t manage their healthcare without groups responding in a timely manner. In an ordinary business, calls get returned immediately or at least by end of day. Here, we don’t have an ordinary business, we have the medical industry in which clients are patients first, customers second. The responsibility and duty of care is much higher to patients than to ordinary customers in other businesses.. We are not people wanting to buy wallboard or a carton of milk. Yet, those industries respond far quicker than what I see healthcare doing, especially Intermountain Healthcare.

I think it must be that few people are paying out of pocket and the industry doesn’t care enough about the end user. Government money and insurance money pay for nearly everything these days, not like a patient attending a doctor in private practice. I see the whole system breaking down and nobody trying to fix it. It’s not in their job description and no one has any power to do so anyway. I messaged several in corporate through LinkdIn and no one responded. No one cares. Or, at least, no one cares enough. To type a few sentences. Tom

Thomas Farley <[email protected]> Thu, Feb 25, 10:42 PM (2 days ago)
to Quitia

To make even clearer, I do not expect anyone to provide better service that I and my companies didn’t do as a matter of routine. I’m not expecting anyone to make an effort that I haven’t done myself. The customer service I have seen along the way, especially with the contractors that Intermountain is hinging their reputation on, is appalling. Again, though, I was always working with companies that supported me, that gave me the time and money to do everything necessary, and that appreciated me. Within this broken system, though, I do expect much better of everyone. Too many people have given up and now I am in the horrible position of ruining my mental health because I must now dog everyone. I hate this and I hate myself for being this way and I hate Intermountain for forcing me to work on repairing a broken system that I have no control over. Tom

Intermountain and their Contractors Should Use A Modern Work Management Platform

Get with the program! My last employer used Wrike (external link) but there are other less expensive platforms that do the same thing. Everyone on the same task keeps in touch, everything written is documented, the ball gets dropped far, far less often. I spent five years using Wrike and it works.

Time for Intermountain Health Care to dump their fax machines and get on with this century.


Why this Web Page about Intermountain Health Care?

What we have here is failure to communicate.

Some groups, you just can’t reach.

So you get what we had here last week — which is the way they wants it.

Well, they gets it.

And I don’t like it anymore than you.

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