Back to That Unnamed Canyon in Section Three

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Found a source of confusion that might have resulted in the Baxter Mine being recorded at two very different locations. I am here in Section 3. Sections 9-16 in this township are close, just slightly south and west. But the real Baxter Mine is located in 9-16 in the township north of this township. At least three miles away. The typewritten page with a pen correction is from the State of California Mines and Geology Report in 1951. This GLO monument has been corrected, probably dating back to when the San Bernardino Meridian was finally established for good instead of being just projected in this area. I’m guessing the surveyors corrected the disc in the field instead of fashioning a new one to reflect the locating history. Two groups of rocks exist here, as if the surveyors moved the monument post from its original spot. Don’t know. The concrete marker is near HWY 178, I disc, just the letter ‘C” impressed on its face. #geology #survey#governmentlandoffice#inyocounty#mojavedesert #rocks #desert#borders#surveyinglife

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