Tips for Using the Sat-Fi2

Sat-Fi2 Points to Remember

Turn off every network on every device you have nearby except for WiFi on your phone. Bluetooth in your vehicle? Off? Any nav unit? Off. Apple watch? Turn any network settings off. Don’t forget that iPad or another tablet lurking underneath a car seat. Disable Bluetooth and WiFi and turn it off. It’s not enough to turn off a device, you have to disable their network settings. Globalstar says eight devices can be connected to a SatFi-2, I have no idea and no hope that that is possible.

Keep the terminal as close to your phone as possible. Globalstar says you can range fifty feet but closer is always better.

Make sure the device is powered down after use. Make really sure. If it isn’t completely off, it will continue to drain the battery.

Points to Remember When Using the Globalstar SatFi-2 from Thomas Farley on Vimeo.