The Coolest Looking Watch in The World? Or Out of This World?

This is my etched and polished slice of the Saint Aubin meteorite that I bought last year from Aerolite Meteorites. It shows a Widmanstätten pattern and what are called shock lines. The Widmanstätten pattern isn’t found in terrestrial rocks, consequently, it is diagnostic for many meteorites.

I’ve just found out that Omega has produced watches with dials made from thin slabs of etched meteorites with this distinct pattern. Each dial would be unique as a fingerprint or snowflake, no two alike. Very cool.

More information on this used Speedmaster Moonwatch “Grey Side of the Moon” is at Bob’s Watches, an honest and reliable seller with great service. (Believe me, I know.) As to the price, yes, you guessed it. It is out of this world.

More on the Widmanstätten pattern from the Britanica

“Widmanstätten pattern, also called Widmanstätten figure, lines that appear in some iron meteorites when a cross section of the meteorite is etched with weak acid. The pattern is named for Alois von Widmanstätten, a Viennese scientist who discovered it in 1808. It represents a section through a three-dimensional octahedral structure in the metal that is formed of bands of kamacite with narrower borders of taenite, the meshes being filled with a mixture of these two alloys.”

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