Nevada’s Spring Mountain Ranch

I just added  into the public domain this photo to Wikimedia Commons. It shows a view looking south at the Spring Mountains from the driveway of the main ranch house. That house also serves as a museum and the Park Headquarters. The property lies within the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

As with many Nevada State Parks, it is currently closed. Howard Hughes once owned this park although no one can confirm if he ever visited perhaps his most beautiful property. The park lies only ten miles from the city limit of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The full size file is here, along with its unlimited copyright release:

Some might ask, “Why not crop out the straggly looking tree on the right?” That would certainly be possible but today I provide unedited photos if I am happy with most of the photograph. A photo editor wants as many pixels to play with and they can always crop later. When I used to submit magazine photos I would crop the photos as I would like to see them. I stopped that when I decided to leave any choices to a magazine’s layout crew.

Here’s how I would crop out the tree and part of the driveway but notice how the photo lacks some of the visual punch as before. Somehow, that extra width and depth provides the better canvas.
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