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With the encouragement of Kevin Singel I am pursuing turning my SW Travel List into an e-book and a print on demand book for sale through Amazon. For a really low price, less for dealers if they want to sell the hardcopy book at their stores. Singel produces Finding Gold in Colorado and he is doing well with self-publishing.

My travel list is morphing into something much bigger as I am adding content from my unpublished book and I am writing about places I have personal experience with throughout Northern California. I am also adding information on Oregon places to visit and collect as well as more details on northern Nevada and southern Colorado. My MS is now at 33,000 words, bound for 40K or so. That’s significant. The rockhounding book I submitted to my old publisher was 60 thousand words.


I will be in Quartzsite on January 15th and in the area through the 19th. That’s Wednesday through Sunday. Three nights in Parker, one in Blythe. I’d love to camp and it would certainly be cheaper, but I have an enormous amount of camera and computer equipment to bring and keep charged. I may need to do some simple video editing during that time and I will have to keep up with the work I do for my Vancouver boss. Tough in a tent.

I’m really looking forward to Quartzsite as I will learn new things and catch up on old friends. I’ll be adding to my travel list for sure.

Stalled Projects

1 - My intent on producing some educational, instructional videos is now on hold. One example. A clear demonstration of how the Public Land Survey System works and is laid out will be an absolute time killer. It will take away from my writing and I can’t afford that. Simple, off the cuff video is far easier to produce and I am continuing with that.

2 - My dive into getting better with florescent mineral photography is also on hold as, again, it is far too time intensive to deal with right now. I have the equipment, not the time.

3- The benitoite specimen case I wanted to exhibit at Tuscon 2021 is also on hold. The main reason is that I can’t assure the safety of any specimen loaned to me through the mails. Too much chance of damage. The only way a case will work is if collectors hand carry their specimen to the floor of the Big Show and retrieve it in the same way at the end of the weekend. No one has yet said they are willing to do this.

Back to the writing.

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My zircon gravel under short-wave from Anakie in Queensland. Who’d have thought that brown was an interesting fluorescent color?