What is Twenty Acres?

Twenty acres is a common mining claim size. But any large area is hard to visualize.

Look at the photo below.  That rectangle is approximately 20 acres. The north/south direction, or long way, is about .25 miles. The east/west direction, or narrow way, is about .13 miles wide.

These are two individual properties, both once horse ranches, the dividing line running down the middle the long way. Each half ten acres.

Consider the southeast quarter. That area could comfortably fit a professional soccer pitch, those around two acres or so, no official size established.

That quarter could also easily fit any professional American football field. It could accommodate most high school football fields AND any stadium around them.

The house in the northeast corner is about 3,000 square feet. The buildings in the southwest corner are large, too, a house and barns and such.

Google Earth lets you measure areas in acres by drawing a line around an area. That’s how I confirmed these measurements, although I knew first hand the acreage involved.

I was an estate gardener on the property on the right. Although “only” ten acres, I can assure you that it took forever to walk the grounds. I was usually lucky to have what’s called a Gator, a working ATV, or one of two tractors.

This was a good job for me until the owners decided to move to another ranch fifty miles away. 100 acres!



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