Gearing Up for Photos

My outdoor photography has been good enough to be regularly published in many different magazines. In fact, I earned more from photographs accompanying my last article than the text of the story itself. That was for a publication that paid for each photo, some magazines pay you nothing extra for your photography.

Indoor photography has always been a challenge, especially now when I am trying to take pictures of all the rocks and minerals I have sourced for my book. I bought a light box last year and it was and is very sad. Too small and too poorly lit. Light accidentally came in  from holes in the bottom. It folded up neatly but otherwise was essentially worthless.

Taking the plunge, I have ordered a more professional lightbox from B&H Photo out of New York. I hope to have it soon. I’ll share some test photos when I get some shots taken.  There’s supposed to be 150 LED lights inside the box, enough to brighten up even the darkest rock.

I previously used a motley collection of table lamps and natural light through a window. That didn’t work because every light bulb has a different strength and hue. Eliminating a shadow with one light added yellow or orange to the picture from the new lamp. The key to indoor photography. at least for product placement, seems to be uniformity in lighting and background. Maybe this new lightbox will get me to my goal.

Update! November 14, 2022

The box has arrived and I think it will work. The shot below was taken using a handheld iPhone. Photos with my good camera, my Canon, mounted to a tripod, should be even better.