Honest Miners

Too many mining videos and groups lie about gold. They make gold seem easy to find. They find it everywhere. And they find a lot. All done to promote whatever they are selling: memberships in a club, equipment, a fee dig, a book, a mine, a claim, whatever.

Gold scammers have been with us since man first discovered gold. And even the most honest miner today can lapse into exaggeration. In my time, the Buzzard and the Massey clan were true hucksters, as they produced a television show in the 1980s which we would now call an infomercial. The Buzzard was never skunked and gold was as close as joining his expensive association.

Gold isn’t easy to find. These two groups don’t oversell (too much) and both depict real conditions.

What a 15 minute video can’t show is the total number of hours, days, weeks, and months it may take prospecting to find paying ground. That experience and years around gold people and their claims and workings are helping these people along, don’t be discouraged if you are at the bottom of the learning curve.

Join a local prospecting club if you are a beginner. You’ll probably get to try everything these people are using. Oh, and work on your knee strength. Good luck.

Baby Girl Mining Company — Great Basin locale — dry

Their YouTube Channel


A representative video:

Sonny Prospecting — temperate forest locales — water

Their YouTube Channel


A representative video:

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