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Date: September 4, 2023 at 5:19:19 PM PDT
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The Landmark - September 4, 2023

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Changes at Land Matters

RIP Leigh Johnson





Land Matters Executive Director, Leigh Johnson, recently passed away unexpectedly. Leigh was a founder, board member and unpaid volunteer for Land Matters. Her belief in the Land Matters mission led her to dedicate the last 5 years nearly full time to it’s development. I know many of you had corresponded with Leigh and know how helpful, responsive and dedicated she was to the Land Matters mission. She will be missed by all who knew her.

With your support Land Matters will continue to be the premier Free non-profit source for land information.

As a result of Leigh’s passing Land Matters has fallen behind on it’s regular claims updates and Member reports. Land Matters is a very small non-profit with limited resources. Rest assured that the Land Matters maps, reports and data will be updated over the next few days. Land Matters will continue in it’s mission to bring users reliable current land information.

We have been notified that some Claims Advantage Members didn’t receive the latest report. If you are a Claims Advantage Member and you didn’t receive your August 15th report please contact us at the link below so we can email you a link to the report download.

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We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause you. Thousands of people a day rely on Land Matters resources and we take that responsibility seriously. Please bear with us as we get updated and please let us know if you see anything that isn’t working right.

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Editor’s note.  I extend my deepest sympathies to everyone at Land Matters for their terrible loss and in appreciation of all the good works Leigh achieved. I corresponded with her numerous times and she was always helpful and kind.

I am told that new ways of presenting information are being tested at Land Matters and I look forward to these developments as time and grief allow.