32 Green Gemstones (How Many Do You Know?) from the IGS

The International Gem Society has produced another outstanding article with great writing and photographs. I’ve clipped just a little to give you a hint. The IGS is to be congratulated for producing such high quality work:




by Addison Rice


Since ancient times, emerald has been synonymous with “green.” However, there are so many more green gems, giving you plenty of alternatives to the classic emerald. Learn how to assess color and quality in green gemstones and which gems are best for everyday wear in an engagement ring.


tsavorite ring

This ring features a favorite stone among jewelers and collectors, the green garnet tsavorite. © Kat Florence. Used with permission.

Table of Contents [hide]

  • Assessing Color and Quality in Green Gemstones
  • Green Gems Ideal for Everyday Use
    • Jade
    • Verdelite and Chrome Tourmaline
    • Green Garnets: Tsavorite and Demantoid
    • Bloodstone
    • Green Diamond
    • Maw Sit Sit



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