You Collect What You Like

A piece of granite. The only thing I had time to pick up on my mad dash to Pala and Fallbrook from Palm Springs. This piece was on the western edge of the San Bernardino National Forest, on the Pines to Palm Highway. The whole mountain was granite. When I see granite, I think quartz. When I think quartz, I think gold. But I like granite regardless of what it might lead to.

“This summer in India, I was fortunate enough to do some glacial research with a few colleagues and one grabbed probably the most irrelevant granite sample I’ve ever seen, and after asking him about it he said ‘I don’t know, I always kind of liked granites, I know they’re not as cool as some of the other rocks we’ve seen today but I just like it.’”

“And honestly that’s as simple as it has to be. Collect the things you like.”

Sam Nski

Quote used by permission.