Latest Spot X Firmware Update Available

Time for all Spot X users to update their firmware. Let’s make certain you know how to do this.

1. Download the device updater  to your computer and then install it. By computer I mean a desktop OS, not a mobile OS. Run the program. Do this first. THEN

2. Connect your Spot X and follow the instructions presented.

Again, download the latest version of the updater program first, then connect your device. DO NOT USE an old updater. You must download the newest updater first.

My device appears to be working well after the update.

This is what Spot X says in their latest e-mail:

In our continued effort to ensure the best possible SPOT X user experience, we have made some updates to the device firmware V1.7.14 and the device updater 1.12.8 to improve usability and overall intuitiveness. You need to first download the latest SPOT X device updater. Next, connect and update your SPOT X firmware to start benefiting from these upgrades on your next adventure. Below are some of the update highlights.

SpotX Update — Important News For Mac Users

I’ve written about my SpotX device before. It has a major firmware revision out for the Mac but you need to be cautious. You must download the latest firmware program before updating your device. In other words, download the newest installer first, then go from there.

I had problems updating which in the end required a new unit to be sent to me. But the folks at Spot did that for free by overnight mail. They may have their problems, like any other company, but they earnestly work on solutions and they do not ignore you.

Here is their message regarding this problem:

Dear SPOT X Customer,

If you are a Mac user, a manual download is required for the newest SPOT X Updater (v1.11.10) before you complete the firmware update that was released last week (v1.6.8). To download the latest Updater click here and follow the prompts.

Failure to do so will require a Factory Reset of your device at a minimum.

If you require assistance, please contact Customer Relations at 866-651-7768.

If you have already successfully updated your device, please disregard this message.