Charging the SatFI-2 and the Legacy Spot-X

More than forty percent of the United States is not covered by cell phone service. Covered areas often have dead spots. There are many ways to communicate beyond cell phone coverage. In what may be a series of short videos, I am chronicling my experiences with my new SatFI-2, and my old Spot-X.

Connecting, Sending Email, and Getting the News with the SatFi-2

Charging the SatFi-2 and the SpotX

The photo below is for the search engines and their new need for a still image on every page. Sigh.

Locating a spot to test the SatFI-2 for voice

Installing the Firmware Update for the SatFi-2

Setting up Gmail in the SatFi-2 App

Points to Remember When Using the SatFi-2

Making a Voice Call With the SatFi-2

The SatFi Browser
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