Mining Activity Clues

This terrain could be anywhere, Uniformly even but steep ground rises to abrupt cliffs. No unusual features to these regular slopes. Except this mound, in the middle of nowhere.

Visible from quite a distance, the mound up close reveals itself to be twenty-five to thirty-five feet wide with a height of eight feet or so. A trail runs across the top of it, presumably from mountain bikers using it as a jump.

At the base of the mound, and running for fifty yards or so, is a gully or a draw, obviously dug out by heavy equipment. The arrow indicates it. The spoils are the mound. Someone was digging here. It’s not the start or end of a road. It just exists. Someone was looking for something.

This area has a history of gypsum mining and perhaps that’s all the former prospectors were looking for. But any prospector today should look over the mound and draw with care. Detection is the first part of discovery.