The Best Geology Dictionary I Have Ever Found

Just got an amazing dictionary. This is the Glossary of Geology written in 1957 by the American Geological Association with the National Academy of Sciences. The full title is the Glossary of Geology and Related Sciences. J.V. Howell was apparently working as the editor of what the Geological Institute calls a coordinating chairman. The book is  fantastic.

The dictionary provides many word origins along with the use of a term in a sentence. This is proper dictionary writing. Tough, technical words are explained in plain English, making a difficult vocabulary at least approachable. Without wallowing in unnecessary details, this dictionary opens the door to learning that most resources barely open.

Look at this Wikipedia definition of unconformity:

An unconformity is a buried erosional or non-depositional surface separating two rock masses or strata of different ages, indicating that sediment deposition was not continuous. In general, the older layer was exposed to erosion for an interval of time before deposition of the younger, but the term is used to describe any break in the sedimentary geologic record. . .

Now, the Glossary:

A surface of of erosion or nondeposition — usually the former — that separates younger strata from older rocks.

The Glossary then mentions four related unconformity terms which are described under their own names elsewhere in the dictionary. It also cites the name of a leading author on the subject.

This dictionary lets me get started whereas other dictionaries stall me when I first try to learn.

I got this title at which I have used since at least 1996. Downside? Six point type! Absolutely crazy small print. Fortunately, has dozens of magnifying device for viewing book pages and I have ordered one. Small price for clarity.

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