Intermountain Healthcare Doesn’t Care

On Friday I spent a wretched day with Intermountain Healthcare (external link) as I tried to get completed what should have been a routine treatment.

This MRI has taken four months to arrange and it is now only partly done. It is unknown when the rest will be completed.

In the meantime, my hands are rapidly closing in on becoming disabled, while everyone at Intermountain and their contractors goes home to a happy three day weekend without returning my calls.

America does have the best medical practitioners and technology in the world. No question. But they are worth nothing if they are trapped in a system in which no one communicates and in which insurance companies reject even routine claims.

I’d say it is shameful behavior if any of them could be shamed. I think that not possible, as they are now the picture of the disease that is cost cutting, bureaucratic, disinterested corporate medicine. A CEO who isn’t an M.D. Need I say more?