Baby Girl Mining Keeps Going!

The folks at Baby Girl Mining continue working their ground in their latest video. They are finding more gold and more evidence of an ancient streamed as they encounter rolled rocks. This is real small scale miner stuff, not some wildly dramatic gold series you might find on cable TV or the exaggerated nonsense you get from many YouTubers. Good luck to them!
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Another Honest Video From Baby Girl Mining

The folks at Baby Girl Mining have produced another good video. They are out at their Golden Revenge mine in northwest Nevada. These small scale miners are going deeper in their effort to find bedrock. As such, their hole needs a second collar to support the earth around them as they dig. This was called setting timbers back in the day.

Unlike those soft scripted mining shows you see on cable TV networks, there’s no faked drama or raging conflicts between miners. No salted pans, no cons overflowing with gold. Just an honest look at small scale mining. They’re not finding much right now but they have a plan and they are working toward it. That’s a key word: work.

Underground means tremendous work, money, and an eye at all times on safety. Baby Girl Mining is doing all that. I wish them well.
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