Some Cheap Greed Head Always Ruins Things

The owner got greedy and killed a good thing. But Frank also takes weeks to pay and talks badly about his wife while she, myself, and customers are around. I wanted so much to have something at a storefront that I put up with this terrible behavior for the four months I was involved. I was there for only a few hours a week but the atmosphere was completely toxic.

And this idiot also thinks that the internet isn’t important to growing his business. Didn’t thank me for the website I created for the business for no charge. I tried to show him how it looks like on my laptop and it was obvious he doesn’t know how a trackpad works. And I still haven’t been paid for my latest sale.

To hell with it.

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But wait! There’s more!

Here’s more info on Canadian lapidarist Christty Hazley:

Instagram: christtylovesrocks

Store name: Peaceful Pebbles

Etsy Store:

She sent me a pendant that looks like the beveled one below. I’ve sent here more rocks and different ones. No money is exchanged between us.

Christty Hazley and that Crazy Marble

Look what one of my readers has done!

Christty Hazley has taken some of that crazy looking marble I found in the Kingston Range and has turned it into jewelry.

As a few of us used to say, cool beans!