Denver is Back On!

From their press release:

Hello Science Lovers and Nature Appreciators,

We thought that you’d like to know that our huge show begins in 12 days. There will be no capacity limits like last year and so there will be no wait to get in. We are more than twice the size as in 2020 and this is our biggest show ever! Of course, parking and entry are still free. But please leave your pets at home.

If you couldn’t visit us last year, then you may not know that we moved out of the Denver Coliseum and into the larger, more modern Events Center at the National Western Complex. That’s the building with the green awning on the other side of I-70. Now we have 2x more indoor space and 2x more parking. However, because we have more tents than ever before, we will retain the Coliseum parking lot to make it convenient for customers to park there (for free) and visit the South West Tents and/or enter the grounds from that direction.

Another addition is the inaugural SHOWCASE on Level 3. This floor is reserved for dealers who display the majority of their items in glass showcases. It is the place for exquisite mineral specimens, gems and gemstones, fine and artisan jewelry, rare fossils, gold, crystals of distinction, handmade knives, and more. It will debut with a modest 16 booths and grow quickly as more high-end dealers learn about the low cost for a booth in this prestigious section. Reach them via elevator or stairway.

Tent dealers will now be located in three areas:

The 30+ South West Tents will be sited across the street from the Coliseum parking lot where you can park for free. This is where you’ll find the yummy foodtrucks as well.
The 15 Triangle Tents are in a triangular area about 700 feet further north.
The 30+ Barn Tents are the north-most tents and they are sited behind the Barn and reach towards the Metro Station.
All three levels of the Main Building and both levels of the Events center will be occupied by 500 dealers ranging in size from 1-table newbies to 20,000 square foot market leaders. To make more room for all these folks, we’ve moved the on-site UPS store into the pedestrian tunnel. If you are from out of town, you can drive right up to the UPS Tunnel and drop off your goodies for packing and shipping home. Look for Gate #2.

You’ll see other changes because a long section of the I-70 viaduct was recently demolished and the new I-70 roadbed was lowered into the ground. But we are still at exit 275B and there will be few if any construction delays.

We thank you for supporting our dealers and we look forward to your visit.

Kind regards,
Heather, Russell and Lowell
Eons Expos, RLLLP

I’m Back. I Hope.

I was making sure my sat phone worked when I made an inappropriate joke to the friend I was talking to. By inappropriate, I mean that sort of joke shouldn’t be made in public. But I am not on the public airwaves. Am I?

I was wondering at the time I made that joke if someone monitors sat phone calls originating in areas of cellular service.

They shouldn’t of course, because that would mean that satellite telephone calls enjoy no privacy. A government agency would normally have to have a wiretap order to monitor one’s communications or I would have to be a subject of an investigation. I can’t see how that would be possible since I have no criminal record.

Still, I worry that the FBI will soon show up at the door. I’ll let you know what happens. If I can.