I’m Selling Rocks!

Display of calcite specimens

These are calcite display pieces that I cut from rock I gathered at that ancient and now dry hot spring near Shoshone, California.

I showed photos and videos of this site on Instagram.

Someone had dug a large pit into a barren hillside, digging out I know not what. But I gathered some of the spoils on the downside of the digging. The rock revealed calcite as it typically forms around hot springs. Similar in some ways to Kokoweef Cavern calcite.

It’s the hot spring you can take with you!

I have one polished piece. It doesn’t look as nice as the unpolished pieces. There is also one rock of rough, waiting for you to cut up.

No plans to sell online because postage is so outrageous. You’d spend half your money on mailing. Sigh.

Best in the West is in Pahrump on the corner of Winery Road and Homestead. Look at the top menu bar for more information.

The Baxter Mine, Inyo County

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The Baxter Mine, Inyo County

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Excellent tour of the the Baxter Mine on YouTube. Comes complete with the requisite twangy banjo music that is on every prospecting or Old West adventure video..

A Few Miles Up Wheeler Pass Road

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A Few Miles Up Wheeler Pass Road

Wheeler Pass Road near Pahrump, Nevada. Not to be confused with Walker Pass Road in California.

On a personal note.

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Requiem for a dead lizard. Before pest control came out to spray the house I am now renting, I told the landlord that “there was a group of happy lizards around the house so the pest control people should be cognizant of this.” The landlord said he talked to them and nothing they used was poisonous to animals.” Two hours after the guy left I found this dead lizard a few feet from my back door. Maybe a coincidence but I haven’t seen the other two or three several hours later and they were always running around and present. When I worked in the green trade in California I had to get a qualified applicator’s certificate from the State so I am kind of sensitive about this. I know I shouldn’t be upset about the loss of a few lizards but I told everybody in advance. And I am upset. #lizard#wildlife#littlethings#pahrump

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In The North Nopah. Again.

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Sorry this isn’t in portrait view. Above the shelters I heard a continuous noise on this fairly windless day. Did not have my external mike. Huge amount of bees around this opening. Constant wind noise which I usually hear from a mine with an unblocked opening somewhere. You tell me, air shaft for the mine or from a cave? People were definitely up here and though it doesn’t look like a man made opening, I’m thinking it could be little else. Could not feel any wind because of the bees preventing me from getting close but that has to be wind noise, coming or going. I wonder if there is moisture below and hence the bees. You tell me! #mines#geology#rocks#caves#limestone#exploring#tunnels#nopah#bees#desert#mojave#inyocounty#geologistonboard#geologyrocks#adventure

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Moving Out and Up!