You, in Your Well-lighted Sky

Yesterday at the original townsite of Tecopa, California. More at my Instagram site:






Caliban in the Coal Mines

By Louis Untermeyer 1885- 1877

God, we don’t like to complain—
We know that the mine is no lark—
But—there’s the pools from the rain;
But—there’s the cold and the dark.

God, You don’t know what it is—
You, in Your well-lighted sky,
Watching the meteors whizz;
Warm, with the sun always by.

God, if You had but the moon
Stuck in Your cap for a lamp,
Even You’d tire of it soon,
Down in the dark and the damp.

Nothing but blackness above,
And nothing that moves but the cars—
God, if You wish for our love,
Fling us a handful of stars!

Transformed into song by Julie Bennett Hume

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